January 3 - January 7, 2022

Over 30 world-class presentations on how anyone can learn a new language!

Update: The Event is now over, but you can still get on-demand access with the New Year New Language ALL ACCESS PASS


The New Year New Language Summit: 

A Complete Blueprint to Fluency for any Language

Dear Future Foreign Language Speaker,

So, you want to learn one or more foreign languages - even if you've tried and failed before?

It doesn't matter if you're learning the language to speak to your grandmother, partner, or close friend...

...or if it's just an intellectual challenge to enhance your travels, broaden your perspectives, all while delaying the onset of dementia (source)...

The New Year New Language Summit is the place to be.

This beginner-friendly conference demystifies the language learning process, and gives you practical and concrete tools and processes to improve consistently and effectively.

From expert speakers who have actually done it themselves!

The Summit will help you set and stick to your language learning goals, so you can actually use the language quickly, and most importantly, never, ever lose motivation or experience burnout.

Learning a language is not technically difficult, but without the support and knowledge of our speakers you are definitely fighting an uphill battle.

So, let's make a great start to 2022 together - crush your New Year's resolutions and make great progress towards multilingualism!

Here are the categories that we'll cover during the New Year - New Language Summit.

🧑‍🏫  Methods: Practical discussions of learning languages, each session with a different focus like pronunciation, grammar, etc.

🧠  Mindset: How do you actually keep going long-term? How to overcome plateaus in your learning, and avoid the dreaded burnout that happens to so many learners?

✨ Memories: How to actually remember what you learn. Plus, bonus presentations on epic experiences and stories of how multilingualism enhanced the lives of the speakers.

There'll be 35+ sessions to enjoy, so plenty of variety for everyone, even if you've already learnt one or more languages before to various levels.

There's nothing wrong with repeat exposure to great fundamentals.

Best of all? 

It's all free.



New Year - New Language Summit

The New Year New Language Summit supports the following charities in 2022

10% of all ticket sales will be donated.

Update: We've raised over $1,400 so far!

We're supporting #TEAMSEAS in their effort to removing over 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean.

For more information go to https://teamseas.org/

The Institute of International Education helps people and organizations leverage the power of international education to thrive in today’s interconnected world.

For more information go to https://www.iie.org/